"I'm careful not to overwork or belabor a painting, as it can become the difference

in the creation of a compelling composition versus a painting that

appears stiff and lacking in spontaneity".

                  Square Vase  30"x 30"  $ 1,000

Square Vase white frame (2).jpeg
IMG_0411 (3).JPG

                  Surrounded by Yellow  24"x 18"  $775 


Sprintime gold frame.jpg
Tuileries Gardens. white frame.jpg

Tuileries Gardens  24"x 24"  Sold

Pastel Garden.jpeg
Wild Flowers.jpeg

Pastel Garden  24" x 24"    $ 850

THrees Company white frame.jpg

Summer in Buffalo  18"x 24"  $675

Three's Company   18"x 24"  $550

Magenta Peonies 18"x 24  $ 650

Wild Flowers  18" x 24"  Sold

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