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                            "The              fundamental     elements of my paintings

                are built around the manipulation

of colors,

                   movement and dimensional layering".

Vastness (2).JPG

Vastness of Space  21" x 31"   

"The world of reality has its limits;

the world of imagination is boundless". 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Vastness of Space  31"x 21"  Sold

During a highly successful 40-year advertising career in Chicago and
as CEO/Executive Creative Director of the Schutte Group, Alden's powerful communication solutions earned him over 100 National Awards
for creative/marketing excellence.

His innate sense of spatial design, color and creative imaging
helped develop numerous award-winning brand and product
campaigns for nationally recognized companies.
Today that same skill is seen in Alden's abstract interpretation
paintings. His art gives the viewer a feeling for the subject through the
use of bold textures, flowing acrylic colors and dynamic design.
Alden's inspiration is drawn from life experiences, travel
locations, patterns in nature, thoughts and feelings.